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Modern automotive industries need experts in vehicle design and manufacturing. With this in mind, the Department of Automobile Engineering was established to train the students in the area of automobile engineering.
This course provides students with a good theoretical base, sound practical techniques and skills. It prepares them for specific development and design positions, meeting national and international requirements.


The department aims to Graduate to give a broad exposure in the design, development and testing of automobiles and automotive systems by applying the basic concepts of mathematics, science and engineering. Graduates will have exposure to multidisciplinary areas to meet the automobile industry challenges in the areas of autotronics, vibration, ergonomics and safety systems. Graduate will practice engineering with moral, social and ethical values with positive constraints.


Graduate will have the expertise to carry out the complex researches in advanced automotive techniques.
Graduate will be skilled to play the key role in large scale automotive industry and to develop standards in automobile allied sectors.

Expected Outcomes

  • Knowledge to create highly sophisticated machines for technical purposes.
  • Knowledge to design, analyze, test, manufacture and operate mechanical systems.
  • Knowledge to understand the operation of an internal combustion engine and to make it efficient.
  • Knowledge to design and prototype new products.
  • Knowledge to learn to program CNC machines.
  • Knowledge to use computer graphics to model new products and systems.
  • Knowledge to learn how mechanical, electrical, thermal and fluid systems work together.

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