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"Character makes a man, Education begins a gentleman, conversation completes him."

When Dr. Thomas Fuller was writing part of this in year 1650 who knew that this would become so very true in 21st century!!! This was true then and this is true now. The most effective and indispensible three traits for student aspiring to become successful in personal life as well as in profession are:
We at DIET try to build the later two. Character is the responsibility to be practiced by individuals. We start this activity keeping our standards high, not accepting anything less or compromising when it comes to impart best of the education in most effective manner.
Hard Work is fruitful only when it is done with proper planning. We want to enable students to envision that “What” and “How” one has to plan and execute those plans. We are going to create entrepreneurial skills in each and every student. So that he/she is not only a degree holder but who can compete in every sphere of life.
I welcome to all the students taking admissions in DIET Meerut and congratulate them for having made right decision to take the first step towards a bright future.
"The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” Diogenes Laertius I promise that together we will build the state and nation.