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“The course contains different type of diplomas in various engineering fields.”

The Diploma in Engineering, also Diploma in Technical Education are Programmes focused on practical and skill-oriented training. It is a technical degree that only covers the essentials when ranked with an undergraduate Engineering degree.
It aims to provide with industry or job releated engineering knowledge,scientific skills, computing and analysis mathematical techniques and ability to apply problem solving techniques.
Poly means “many” and techno means “technology” (or engineering), then polytechnic means “the course contains various type of diploma in various engineering fields.”
Polytechnic is the most popular and demanding diploma course. Polytechnic is a professional engineering diploma awarded after completion of three years of academic study in engineering field. It is offered in many disciplines. In simple words, “After diploma, students befit as a junior engineer in private or government sector."
If you are specialized in Mechanical Engineering then, your job title will be “Junior Mechanical Engineer”, those specialized in Civil Engineering will be titled as “Junior Civil Engineer”. Student as per their interest can be specialized in the following Polytechnic disciplines:

NOTE:  We have two departments in Polytechnic course
  Mechanical Engineering
   Civil Engineering

  Private Job
   Government Job
After polytechnic students become JE (Junior Engineer) in regarding diploma skill in private or Govt. sector as per performance. He / She get the JE post in various departments as
  Junior Engineer in Railways, Jalnigam, Vidyutnigam
   Defence services