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1. Explaining the importance of the subject

The first and the most important task of the mentor is to explain the use of the subject thereby creating the interest in the fresh minds towards it. We believe and stick to the phrase that “humans are not machines – we are something more, we have feelings and experiences”. And this is what we do at DIET. We foster the feelings towards the subject by showing the significance of the subject with regard to the Universe, Earth, Country, Society, and to Themselves.

2. Providing different types of study material

Learning is reinforced with plenty of materials of various forms. Providing BOOK BANK doesn’t completes our responsibility. We constantly keep ourselves working in the preparation of updated NOTES, VIDEOS, ONLINE LECTURES as well as SOLUTIONS OF UNIVERSITY PAPERS.

3. Concept learning using real life examples / practical

Concept learning also refers to a learning task in which a human is trained to classify objects by being shown a set of example objects along with their class labels. The learner simplifies what has been - observed by condensing it in the form of an example. This simplified version of what has been learned is then applied to future examples

4. Examination oriented practice

“The exams are important”. Yes, because they don’t only compel students to learn but are also the ways of judging the learner’s knowledge. You must have often seen students saying to Exams to be nice to them. But if the students are prepared then every exam will prove to be nice. The learners before appearing in the final exams are polished enough so they can shine and give the best. Be believe that “Preparation comes with practice and the DIETians are always PREPARED”.

5. Time management

The ability to use one's time effectively or productively is the most critical task. Good time management enables you to work smarter – not harder – so that you get more done in less time, even when time is tight and pressures are high. The students are encouraged to identify their goals on the daily basis, schedule them according to the timeline and constantly do improvement to achieve more.